We Can Resize Your Titanium Ring!

You may have read elsewhere that titanium rings cannot be resized. Not true! We can resize most titanium rings both up and down in size. Exotica Jewelry has developed techniques for enlarging and reducing the size of most titanium rings.

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Enlarging a ring

We can usually enlarge rings if the change is no more than two sizes bigger. If the ring is thin to begin with (the thickness of the cross-section, not the width of the ring), we may not be able to enlarge more than one-half to one size bigger. If there are gemstones, there could be an extra charge depending on how deeply the points of the stones are sunk. We cannot resize tension-set rings and we need to see photographs of prong-set rings to know whether or not we can resize them. Rings such as signet or class rings that do not have parallel sides will have an additional charge.

Enlarging Costs:

Reducing a ring

We can reduce as much as is necessary. However, if the reduction is more than two sizes, the ring will be noticeably thicker and costs more. Some rings with gemstones will have an additional charge per stone. We do not reduce the size of rings such as signet or class rings that do not have parallel sides.

Reduction Costs:

Below are before and after photographs of a ring we reduced one size. We added material to the inside of the ring to make it smaller and we refurbished the finish of the ring.

Before After

Engraving is free for all resized rings

For rings without gemstones, we can fit up to 40 characters, including spaces. Rings with stones will accommodate fewer characters.

Engraving charges without resizing:

  • $35 for one line (40 characters including spaces for rings with no gemstones)
  • $45 for two lines (approx. 80 characters) using a tiny font for rings with no stone

We have two engraving typefaces, script style and modified block style (click to enlarge):

Script style engraving Block style engraving

Shipping Charges

The shipping cost depends on the value of each ring. Shipping through the post office is the least expensive,  $16 to a U. S. address for rings valued at up to $200. Shipping with tracking is also available through 2-day UPS or FedEx for about $28, to a U. S. address. Tell us the value of your ring and how you would like it shipped and we’ll give you the exact shipping charge.

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